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The New USB Standard Has Arrived!
The New USB Standard Has Arrived!

USB-C is here to stay. As the reality sinks in, companies are scrambling over one another in a mad dash to incorporate the newest iteration of the omnipresent connector. Naturally, we’ve been leading the charge since the very beginning.

From multi-directional power, to reversible connectors, to massively increased voltage output, USB-C gives us a lot to be excited about.

The problem arises when manufacturers, hurrying to adopt the USB-C, rush products onto the market that are under-tested, out-of-spec—sometimes even downright dangerous.

USB-C technology supports ten times the voltage of the previous generation, making safety and quality standards that much more important. Luckily, not only does Anker have that sweet sweet MultiProtect 11-point safety system, but all of our USB-C gear is precisely optimized to give you the most bang for your Power Delivery buck.

By now you must be thinking to yourself, I sure do wish Anker would have a big sale on USB-C chargers and cables.

Well, call us mind readers because your wish has been granted.